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Methodology of Philip course in Gent/Belgium

The encounter with Jesus arouses the joy of witnessing and renewing our trust in Him, so it was for us when we did the Philip course and the methodology for the sisters Missionary of Charity in Gent in Belgium.
So also our sister from community Naomi shared her personal testimony.

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Paul Course in Cantabria

The Paul course will be held in the splendid coast of northern Spain, in Cantabria from 14 to 21 July 2019. Is talking about Jesus a challenge today? How to speak in a way that arouses interest? How to talk about an experience? Why?
We will find the answers to the questions in a practical and creative way.
The Gospel has an attractive force even today.
Do you want to come?

Registrations by 30th of June.


The Philip course to announce a Good News to a poor

The Missionaries of Charity founded by St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta work for the poor but during a Philip course they realized that we are all poor because in need of God’s intervention in ours lives. This experience was a reason to conduct a Philip course and its methodology (16-22.03.2019) in Gent / Belgium, for the mothers in charge of some houses in Europe. The Philip course continues to be an effective tool for witness and for evangelization of every poor person in this world. Continue reading The Philip course to announce a Good News to a poor

Seminar on Intercession

23rd. 24th of November 2018

The first seminar of our School of Evangelization for this new academic year at Recanati (MC), Italy. I entered in the seminar room and I was overwhelmed by an atmosphere that fascinated me a lot: it was full of faith and invocation, of urgency and freedom at the same time. Immediately I was involved in it and I started to pray with them. The testimonies of the participants confirmed myself in the real experience of prayer which is necessity and beauty together. We prayed not one God among other gods, but the Lord of the history and the whole universe. The One that never fails. The Lord that makes the impossible things possible in His name. It was really an intensive weekend,

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The community in Australia: a sign of hope

The experience of Miriam and Petra’s recent visit – see PHOTOS

We may wonder if such a small community will see the fruit of all the efforts made. It is not pessimism, rather a healthy realism. Those who are used to consider the fruits in terms of mere numbers tend to think like that. As a matter of fact, in the Bible, the real fruit does not consist in numbers, but in a hope based on God’s gift. That’s why the tiny community in Australia is a sign of hope in a future conquest for Jesus of the entire continent. They tirelessly sow and toil for the Gospel, even when the work is marked by disappointment and discouragement. Continue reading The community in Australia: a sign of hope

Koinonia in Australia – testimonies

Leanne testify how her personal meeting with Jesus alive make a big difference in her life!

The blessings that come from having House of prayer – Anne’s testimony.

Our dear brother Terry from Australia gives his testimony about his encounter with Jesus Alive. Also his wife Laura testifys about her friendship with Jesus. All together they testyfy about the gift of being Koinonia John the Baptist.

Anne Kelly, Pat’s wife testifies about her experience of Jesus, how He entred in her daily life and changed it by giving her to feel that she is a daughter of the Great King!

Pat Kelly, coordinator of the Koinonio John the Baptist in Australia, shares his personal experience with the Lord.

Lifelong learning programme – Lessons planning 2018-2019

Lifelong learning programme 2018 – 2019 / Recanati Oasis / Italy


Imagine a year of your life or a longer period devoted solely to the Lord Jesus and to an intense preparation for the New Evangelization: a new opportunity to pushing back the boundaries of your trusting experience in the Lord. A unique time and place to rediscover the richness of your call, studying together and breathing the international atmosphere of Koinonia, its friendship and mission into an Oasis’ heart.


We believe that in heart’s God there is the unquenchable desire of spreading the Gospel. That its message can reach every nation, every city and every man on earth. This is why we are ready to devote all our energies and all our strength preparing new evangelizers that will be ready to assume responsibility for training new people.


Our priority is to create an environment where our students can experience the love of the risen Christ, to revive a new passion, in order to bring the Gospel’s hope, and to gain practical skills in the fields of prayer, evangelization and methodology of training classes. The school does not teach just a technique or a strategy, but there is much, much more. It is an experience that will push you out of your comfort zone and securities. It will show you new horizons in which the Lord always calls us.


This is a 9 months lifelong learning programme, from October to June. The training programme consists of the Evangelization’s methodology and it is provided in the form of lectures, individual and group practices, personal study and “events on the ground” to put into practice what we learn in class. Everything is done in an atmosphere of friendship and community and it is followed by strong moments of prayer. During the weekends, seminars (of ministries) will help us to rediscover and increase the use of charisms in our mission. Everything takes place at the Oasis of Recanati – MC / contrada Ricciola, 78.

The weekly methodology classes run from Tuesday to Friday, 6 hours per day (lessons, practice and self-study). The timetable is from 8.30 a.m. to 12 a.m. and from 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Weekends’ seminars concern the ministries and have a more intense schedule. You can participate in the whole lifelong learning programme or you can just choose an individual course or seminar, according to your possibilities.


It is for anyone who has the desire to take part in evangelization.

See Lessons Planning

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