SE weekend – new seminars







From the Copernican revolution, to Descartes, to the Age of Enlightenment up to the present day. A journey into the history of philosophical thought between the new mentality brought by the modern era and the Doctor Angelicus, St. Thomas Aquinas.



This seminar will allow you to discover where and how to enrich and find the message of the Gospel so that it is always new and fresh. You will learn how to announce the Word in a personal, current way, so that it can reach the person’s heart. Through the proclamation of the Word of God, people can be encouraged in faith.



You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a community moved by the Holy Spirit. This seminar will help you to understand how you can guide an assembly to glorify the risen Lord Jesus in the best way and under the action of the Spirit who creates unity.


The prophetic gift always keeps us in a tension towards what will come, eternal life, so that our call remains a mission to be continually realized as a people that depends on the Lord. The prophecy indicates a dynamic current to follow: linked to the roots to develop and actualize what has always been according to the Lord’s plan.