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The community in Australia: a sign of hope

The experience of Miriam and Petra’s recent visit – see PHOTOS

We may wonder if such a small community will see the fruit of all the efforts made. It is not pessimism, rather a healthy realism. Those who are used to consider the fruits in terms of mere numbers tend to think like that. As a matter of fact, in the Bible, the real fruit does not consist in numbers, but in a hope based on God’s gift. That’s why the tiny community in Australia is a sign of hope in a future conquest for Jesus of the entire continent. They tirelessly sow and toil for the Gospel, even when the work is marked by disappointment and discouragement. Continue reading The community in Australia: a sign of hope

Formation of witnesses – India 2013

Krishagar 2013Have a look at the video of the program held in India from 23rd January to 18th February 2013. We conducted five courses in Salem (South India), in the school of evangelization (ISONE) of Fr. Panneer Selvaraj.  In Calcutta we held 4 courses, organized by the regional secretary for the proclamation, Fr. Subhash Baroi.  The participants were made up of pastoral animators in the region of West Bengal, some religious, priests and a group of Salemyoung people from Prerona Bible School. This experience has been a very fruitful collaboration with the two Indians realities, and was also a highly spiritual experience. We experienced the continued presence of the Lord in the courses, and the participants felt a new love for the Word of God,  and a renewed zeal for evangelization. You can see the photos!