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University formation for evangelization

In January, a new experience for Koinonia began: collaboration with St. John’s University (Minnesota, USA). The university is run by the Benedictine monks. One of the concerns of this university is to seek a theological formation that is in harmony with today’s times and prepares future ministers for the gospel, effective evangelizers able to  to offer the new solutions to the ecclesial world. Thanks to a member of Koinonia, a professor of the same university, brother Kevin Mongrain, years ago we get to know each other and exchange respective experiences in the academic and evangelizing fields. Immediately a kind of mutual sympathy arose. The interests were similar. The conviction that for a renewal of pastoral care it was necessary to start from the kerygma, lived and announced. Continue reading University formation for evangelization

Seminar on Intercession

23rd. 24th of November 2018

The first seminar of our School of Evangelization for this new academic year at Recanati (MC), Italy. I entered in the seminar room and I was overwhelmed by an atmosphere that fascinated me a lot: it was full of faith and invocation, of urgency and freedom at the same time. Immediately I was involved in it and I started to pray with them. The testimonies of the participants confirmed myself in the real experience of prayer which is necessity and beauty together. We prayed not one God among other gods, but the Lord of the history and the whole universe. The One that never fails. The Lord that makes the impossible things possible in His name. It was really an intensive weekend,

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The community in Australia: a sign of hope

The experience of Miriam and Petra’s recent visit – see PHOTOS

We may wonder if such a small community will see the fruit of all the efforts made. It is not pessimism, rather a healthy realism. Those who are used to consider the fruits in terms of mere numbers tend to think like that. As a matter of fact, in the Bible, the real fruit does not consist in numbers, but in a hope based on God’s gift. That’s why the tiny community in Australia is a sign of hope in a future conquest for Jesus of the entire continent. They tirelessly sow and toil for the Gospel, even when the work is marked by disappointment and discouragement. Continue reading The community in Australia: a sign of hope

Koinonia in Australia – testimonies

Leanne testify how her personal meeting with Jesus alive make a big difference in her life!

The blessings that come from having House of prayer – Anne’s testimony.

Our dear brother Terry from Australia gives his testimony about his encounter with Jesus Alive. Also his wife Laura testifys about her friendship with Jesus. All together they testyfy about the gift of being Koinonia John the Baptist.

Anne Kelly, Pat’s wife testifies about her experience of Jesus, how He entred in her daily life and changed it by giving her to feel that she is a daughter of the Great King!

Pat Kelly, coordinator of the Koinonio John the Baptist in Australia, shares his personal experience with the Lord.

Celebrating the 25th ACCSE Annual Meeting

From 4th to 8th November, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of ACCSE (Association of Coordinators of Catholic Schools of Evangelization) in Rome at the International Conference of the coordinators of the Schools of Evangelization. We have represented the International School of Evangelization of Koinonia John the Baptist, and also given the service of music and worship, see video-presentation. At this time of the meeting we could share with others our experiences of evangelization and be encouraged to keep the fire of zeal burning by the talented preachers like Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Fr. Gino Henriques and Michelle Moran. We have also been on the Wednesday General Audience with Pope Francis.More information about ACCSE see: evangelization 203320141107_231414