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The community in Australia: a sign of hope

The experience of Miriam and Petra’s recent visit – see PHOTOS

We may wonder if such a small community will see the fruit of all the efforts made. It is not pessimism, rather a healthy realism. Those who are used to consider the fruits in terms of mere numbers tend to think like that. As a matter of fact, in the Bible, the real fruit does not consist in numbers, but in a hope based on God’s gift. That’s why the tiny community in Australia is a sign of hope in a future conquest for Jesus of the entire continent. They tirelessly sow and toil for the Gospel, even when the work is marked by disappointment and discouragement. Continue reading The community in Australia: a sign of hope

Koinonia in Australia – testimonies

Leanne testify how her personal meeting with Jesus alive make a big difference in her life!

The blessings that come from having House of prayer – Anne’s testimony.

Our dear brother Terry from Australia gives his testimony about his encounter with Jesus Alive. Also his wife Laura testifys about her friendship with Jesus. All together they testyfy about the gift of being Koinonia John the Baptist.

Anne Kelly, Pat’s wife testifies about her experience of Jesus, how He entred in her daily life and changed it by giving her to feel that she is a daughter of the Great King!

Pat Kelly, coordinator of the Koinonio John the Baptist in Australia, shares his personal experience with the Lord.