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The community in Australia: a sign of hope

The experience of Miriam and Petra’s recent visit – see PHOTOS

We may wonder if such a small community will see the fruit of all the efforts made. It is not pessimism, rather a healthy realism. Those who are used to consider the fruits in terms of mere numbers tend to think like that. As a matter of fact, in the Bible, the real fruit does not consist in numbers, but in a hope based on God’s gift. That’s why the tiny community in Australia is a sign of hope in a future conquest for Jesus of the entire continent. They tirelessly sow and toil for the Gospel, even when the work is marked by disappointment and discouragement. Continue reading The community in Australia: a sign of hope

Celebrating the 25th ACCSE Annual Meeting

From 4th to 8th November, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of ACCSE (Association of Coordinators of Catholic Schools of Evangelization) in Rome at the International Conference of the coordinators of the Schools of Evangelization. We have represented the International School of Evangelization of Koinonia John the Baptist, and also given the service of music and worship, see video-presentation. At this time of the meeting we could share with others our experiences of evangelization and be encouraged to keep the fire of zeal burning by the talented preachers like Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Fr. Gino Henriques and Michelle Moran. We have also been on the Wednesday General Audience with Pope Francis.More information about ACCSE see: evangelization 203320141107_231414

Meeting “Houses” for missions

OpocnoOn 16th March 2013, the brothers and sisters of Opočno (Czech Republic) welcomed us warmly to the meeting of the “Houses” – Friends of the School of evangelization. Together we gave thanks to the Lord for the mission entrusted to our community and school. We presented photos of the last mission of Opocno2evangelization in India (January-February 2013), sharing the experience of mission and customs in India. During lunch, the brothers and sisters testified to how the Lord is blessing their families and work through the project of the houses for missions (a project of both prayer and financial support). The Risen Lord Jesus confirmed us in this mission pouring in all of us the joy, encouragement and zeal to work for him!