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Paul Course in Cantabria


The Paul course will be held in the splendid coast of northern Spain, in Cantabria from 14 to 21 July 2019. Is talking about Jesus a challenge today? How to speak in a way that arouses interest? How to talk about an experience? Why?
We will find the answers to the questions in a practical and creative way.
The Gospel has an attractive force even today.
Do you want to come?

Registrations by 30th of June.
Contact: astorga@koinoniajb.es


Methodology of Jesus in 4 Gospels course in Krakow

Use the courses of the School of Evangelization to propose formation and ignite the passion for the Gospel! This idea led us to meet in Krakow (18th-19th of May) with those who work in the schools of evangelization of the Koinonia John the Baptist in Poland. Speaking and sharing on the methodology of the Jesus in the 4 Gospels course gave us an opportunity to learn much better how to conduct this course. Continue reading Methodology of Jesus in 4 Gospels course in Krakow

Methodology of Philip course in Gent/Belgium

The encounter with Jesus arouses the joy of witnessing and renewing our trust in Him, so it was for us when we did the Philip course and the methodology for the sisters Missionary of Charity in Gent in Belgium.
So also our sister from community Naomi shared her personal testimony.

Continue reading Methodology of Philip course in Gent/Belgium