Formation programme

1. To form witnesses
PHILIP course to have a personal encounter with the Risen Jesus and to receive new life.
TESTIMONY course to learn how to give witness of one’s personal encounter with Jesus.
ISAIAH course to bring us into contact with the Word of God for the first time.
KERYGMA course to form announcers of the Good News (the kerygma).
HOUSE OF PRAYER course to be able to transform one’s own house into a “fishing net” for evangelization.
2. To form evnagelizers
PAUL course to form effective evangelizers who have a kerygmatic mentality.
JOHN course to develop the attitudes of a disciple.
EMMAUS course to develop a relationship with Jesus, the Word of God.
JOSHUA course to develop a winning mentality and positive attitudes based on the Word of God.
COMMUNITY course to form relationships of friendship which are a sign of salvation among evangelizers.
3. To form formers
PREACHERS course to form effective preachers of the Word of God.
MOSES course to develop the leadership skills of people who hold posts of responsibility in the Church.
JESUS IN THE 4 GOSPELS course to deepen our knowledge and experience of the Lord Jesus as He is revealed in the 4 Gospels.
SECRET OF PAUL course how to grow in pastoral vision and strategy.
EVANGELIZING WITH POWER course to learn how to use charisms in evangelization.
4. To multiplyProg form ke ENG.002
FUNDAMENTAL METHODOLOGY to form directors of schools according to fundamental methodological principles and vision.
APPLIED METHODOLOGY to form directors of schools according to fundamental principles applied to specific courses.
OTHER courses which respond to specific needs (eg. youth, married couples, prayer, prosperity, healing, charisms).